KATANA 1ST Easy Like Sunday Morning

There’s only one style rule when it comes to fashion at home: make it loose and easy! ELIN.KATANA designed by Solenn is all about comfort. With lightweight pieces in soft earth tones, the collection is perfect for homelife as we begin to include other activities we once did outdoors. Solenn also considered the challenges of motherhood as well, incorporating details like secret nursing holes, adjustable waistbands, and easy-access styles for breastfeeding into the collection. For busy days at home, balancing roles as a woman, a mom, and a wife, ELIN.KATANA is for you. So here’s to staying indoors for a while. Welcome home.
Daffodil Pants On sale

Daffodil Pants

$24.25 $48.50

Malva Nursing Dress On sale

Malva Nursing Dress

$30.00 $60.00

Iris Nursing Top On sale

Iris Nursing Top

$24.00 $48.00

Lantana Nursing Jumpsuit On sale

Lantana Nursing Jumpsuit

$36.00 $72.00

Aster Nursing Top On sale

Aster Nursing Top

$24.30 $48.60

Tansy Pants On sale

Tansy Pants

$24.00 $48.00

Mimosa Nursing Top On sale

Mimosa Nursing Top

$24.00 $48.00