In celebration of powering through all the challenges of this year, we bring you NURTURE by ELIN.KATANA. Inspired by the strength and resilience we’ve gained in order to endure these trying times, Solenn has designed this holiday collection with the warrior within every woman in mind.
Nurture is our Japanese-inspired holiday collection of two-toned ribbed fabrics made of 100% cotton featuring built-in nursing access, elastic waistbands, and an easy, form-fitting cut in the same classic and comfortable styles that ELIN.KATANA collections are known for.
Evolving from our loose, loungey patterns into something more tailored and structured, Nurture’s designs have been carefully curated to support and encourage you as you experience the New Year filled with a renewed sense of hope knowing that only better days are coming.
Sekushi Top - Nurture On sale

Sekushi Top - Nurture

$13.00 $26.00

Azalea Pants -  Nurture On sale

Azalea Pants - Nurture

$28.00 $56.00

Gazania Pants -  Nurture On sale

Gazania Pants - Nurture

$28.00 $56.00

Akira Top - Nurture On sale

Akira Top - Nurture

$28.80 $57.60

Hana Top - Nurture On sale

Hana Top - Nurture

$28.75 $57.50

Onsen Set - Nurture On sale

Onsen Set - Nurture

$55.00 $98.00

Aya Pants - Nurture On sale

Aya Pants - Nurture

$29.00 $59.00

Zen Pants - Nurture On sale

Zen Pants - Nurture

$29.00 $59.00

Katana Top - Nurture On sale

Katana Top - Nurture

$28.75 $57.50

Mao Pants - Nurture On sale

Mao Pants - Nurture

$29.00 $59.00

Bluebell Jumpshort - Nurture On sale
Daffodil Pants - Nurture On sale

Daffodil Pants - Nurture

$24.25 $48.50

Kaze Top - Nurture On sale

Kaze Top - Nurture

$26.25 $52.50

Malva Nursing Dress On sale

Malva Nursing Dress

$30.00 $60.00