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Photo Shoot - Isabel

This summer, we had the pleasure of taking photos of Isabel Roces-Trebol, homemaker, wife, and mom to 2 adorable kids - Alaia, 3 years old and Tobyn, 6 months old. We spent a fun morning with them in super photogenic Flossom Kitchen Cafe in San Juan. Model mom Isabel was a natural in front of the camera (of course), and so were her adorable kids! See the lovely photos taken by Happy Folks Photography.

What was your go-to pregnancy style?

"When I was pregnant I loved styles that would expose my big belly. I would get solid colors (never prints) of body-formed sleeveless dresses that would fall under the knee. I remember my mother even commenting that during her time, pregnant women would try to hide their big bellies and here I am exposing it for everyone to see. I loved the shape of my body when I was pregnant, and so I was really enjoying dressing up. I was wearing clothing styles I normally wouldn’t go for."

How did you prepare your daughter for a new brother?

"Unfortunately, I didn’t. So we had to deal with a lot of frowns, tantrums, and major meltdowns those first few days the new baby was home. My daughter was absolutely jealous of me being with the new baby. A friend advised me to prioritize her when she demands attention because the new baby won’t remember Mama not attending to him, but she will. We headed her advice and it did pacify the situation. My eldest still felt that she was Mama’s number one and she later on learned to love her brother. Well, love-hate, if I have to be totally honest."

How did your two pregnancies vary from each other?

"I used the same delivery team for both pregnancies. I did water birth for both, but both ended up being natural deliveries. The second, in comparison, was a breeze, not only because I already knew what to expect but also because my body already knew what to do. I had just two hours of active labor then the baby was out!"

Do you have a special beauty routine when pregnant?

"I kept a vegetarian diet all throughout both pregnancies. Yes, don’t worry, its safe and doctor approved. This helped me keep the correct weight, and pass on good nutrients to the baby. I still had an 8-pound baby from just eating greens."

Any advice you can share with moms who are pregnant for the first time?

"If I could only go back in time, I would tell my “preggo with my first-baby” self to simply trust the process, and that by being calm, taking it slow and going with the flow, it will be an amazing experience full of growth as a Mama."

What's the best thing about being a mom?

"The best part about being a mom is the love I feel for my kids. I never realized how big my heart would get, and that with each child it would grow that much more."

Isabel is wearing from top to bottom: Paulina top in navy, Kylene top in light blue stripes, Alba top in honeydew, Michelle top in tangerine, Palma dress in dark teal, Audrey top in fatigue, Antonia dress and Adriana dress coming soon. Photography by Happy Folks Photography. Hair and make up by Wheng Legaspi.

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